Window Replacements & Door Installations

Think it may be time for new windows or doors? Turn to the experienced professionals at Glastec Construction. We provide both window and door installations and replacements. We will help you reduce your home's energy consumption, reduce drafts in your home, and help reduce outside noise all with new doors and windows.
Tempered glass — window replacement in Poway, CA

Window Replacements

Glastec Construction installs all types of windows including bay windows, double hung windows, and horizontal sliding windows. We even offer energy efficient windows to help you save on your electric bills. According to a study, 65-70 percent of homeowners reported that they plan to replace their current windows. The replacement window choices are nearly limitless.


In general, wood is more expensive than vinyl or aluminum. We also offer different pricing scales within our window lines – from custom and premium to more modest options. When it comes to budget, it's important to consider the long term value. Resale value is also a key consideration – beautiful, energy efficient windows are a selling plus.

Manufacturers & Materials

Quality new windows are constructed of materials that may provide a unique home appearance, add security, and will certainly reduce your air conditioning and heating costs. At Glastec Construction, we only choose manufacturers that provide the best quality products along with excellent pricing. We recommend you review the manufacturers' websites often to view recently added designs, layouts, glass options, color options, and new materials.
  • Vinyl - A very strong plastic material with great durability, energy efficiency, and the ability to withstand the elements. It will never fade in color, flake, peel, or rot.
  • Wood - Wood comes from trees that grow in a variety of species, such as fir, pine, mahogany, or alder. Each variety has its own characteristics and its own unique appearance.
  • Clad - Cladding is a strong layer of metal on wood that provides extra protection and is low maintenance.
  • Aluminum - A lightweight and strong material that is a cost effective alternative to wood and is corrosion-resistant.
Frame-less glass shower stall in new bathroom — window replacement in Poway, CA

Door Installations

Do you feel air drafts throughout your home? Having new doors installed can reduce the drafts in your home, making it more comfortable for you and your family. Glastec Construction carries and installs a variety of quality door selections for every size home. Whether you need a new bathroom door or a new patio door, turn to Glastec Construction. Give us a call today at 858-231-5883 for a free door installation estimate.