Custom Mirror Installations & Design

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Do not be intimidated by the vast quantity of mirror product information and options. Turn to the experts at Glastec Construction. We provide in-home mirror consultations to explain in person the installation process and your options of material finishes and hardware. We will even discuss our low pricing, installation timeline, and mirror warranties. At the conclusion of our visit, we promise you will understand all of your mirror options.

Factors You Should Consider to Find The Right Custom Mirror

  • Useful Tips and Tricky Design Ideas
  • Mirror Thickness and Types
  • Mirrors in Your Bathroom are Necessity
  • Why Customize your Bathroom Mirror?
  • Why have Mirror Wardrobe / Closet Doors?
  • Learn About Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Useful Tips and Tricky Design Ideas

Large mirrors are, of course, appropriate for large bathrooms. However, if you place a very large mirror in a very small sized bathroom you will notice that it will miraculously open up your bathroom and make it look larger and lighter. This also gives the whole bathroom an airy feel. This is the power of a large mirror.
Ever wonder why you look better in your favorite designer stores' mirrors or your fancy gyms' mirrors? That's because they use ultra-clear mirror, the glass that is used in this type of mirror contains less Iron content which eliminates the normal "green tint" from the glass. Result: A true, unhindered reflection that is unsurpassed in quality and presentation.

Mirrors in Your Bathroom are Necessity

If there is one room that cannot be without a mirror in your home it's your bathroom. Having a mirror in your bathroom is not a luxury but a necessity. Let us help you choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

Why Customize your Bathroom Mirror?

It's easier and more economical to customize the perfect mirror than to spend hours looking for the right size and style mirror for your bathroom wall. It's a pursuit that often ends with making-do, instead of making a statement. Let us partner with you to create the perfect focal point for your bathroom.

About Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

  • Normally installed directly on the wall.
  • Mirror glass is heavy and fragile, so the supporting wall must be well supported.
  • All of our mirrors are "cut to fit" so you can be as creative as you want with your space.
  • Maximum size in one sheet of mirror is 84" by 130"
  • Sheets of mirror can be organized next to each other to cover an entire wall.
  • It is always nice to use the largest size mirrors for a "seamless look," but you need to make sure that there is enough access to the space that the mirror sheets can fit through the doors and openings.
  • We normally use J-bars or L-bars to support the mirrors at the bottom and the top. Several different finishes and colors are available including: chrome, brushed nickel, brass and oil rubbed bronze.
  • Decorative Clips, Standoffs and Rosettes are also available. These can be installed either on the corners or thru the mirrors for achieving your desired look.
  • We use mastic to glue the mirror to the wall for maximum safety.
  • Decorative edges such as a beveled edge are available.
  • Concerned about the openings in the wall? Worry no more, we can provide you with cut outs for your electrical outlets.
  • Safety backing may be required depending on the size of the mirror and number of cut outs for various openings such as electrical outlets.

What to Do With Your Old Mirror?

During removal of your existing mirror, there is a good chance that the mirror will break into pieces. We will happily recycle your mirror.
There is also a possibility that the wall (usually dry-wall) may be damaged during removal of the old mirror. This depends on many factors, including but not limited to: age of the mirror, type of glue used to adhere the glass mirror to the wall, and type of hardware used to hold the mirror onto the wall. Not to worry! Most of this is normally covered with the new mirror placement.
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